Buhle Farmers’ Academy provides high quality, accredited practical training to new and aspiring farmers through hands-on Competency Based Learning principles. Courses include Livestock, Crop, vegetables and Poultry production plus a range of specialist short courses.

The purpose of Buhle’s training and support is to empower new farmers to start up their own profitable farming activities themselves – with confidence. The training programmes require students to take responsibility for their own production unit on the training farm at Delmas, Mpumalanga , where they can practise how to apply the knowledge gained.

After training Buhle provides and facilitates support to graduates to help them get up and running on their own farms. Farmers are also linked to organisations, markets and input suppliers who can give further specialist support. Refresher courses are also held to help alumni and encourage networking among successful farmers.

  • Before I had nothing, and I did not even know what a broiler was.  Now I earn at least R20,000 per month from my chickens and eggs.

    Ellen Twala |
  • Buhle helped me to do the commercial approach.  Not subsistence farming.  Buhle taught me how to organise the resources and use the available resources in a commercial way. The most important thing I learnt was how to manage the farm as a business.

    Loki Moloi |

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